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Top Three Ways to Stand Out in Business

When I started my business in my small town, I was the only audiologist in the county. Now, thirty plus years later, there are seven competitors within seven miles.  It has become increasingly difficult, not to mention expensive, to stand out in the sea of competition.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to get noticed.

Of course it is!  It may take a little more creativity and more emphasis certainly has to be placed on social media but it is still possible to get your message to your potential patients but you won’t do it if you advertise like everyone else.

  1. Be Honest About Your Products and Services. Honesty is not just the best policy; it should be your main policy. Can’t deliver by a due date? Call and let your buyers know. One of your field reps messed up on a bid? Immediately have a tough conversation with your client. Lying to customers is like shooting yourself in the foot. If your customers catch you lying, they will lose faith in you and may even spread negative feedback about your business. One common form of dishonesty in business is failing to share bad news. In reality, the faster you share bad news, the more your customers will respect you. Just make sure you follow up with solutions as mentioned in #2 above.
  1. Come Up With Something New. Continue to reinvent your company by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes, products and solutions. For example, make use of social media and mobile apps as a growing number of buyers prefer to find and work with you through their phones. There have been many examples of people coming up with unique ideas that have made a lasting impression, such as a real Santa Claus in Birmingham. All of these attention-grabbers help businesses stand out from the crowd; however, to be effective the underlying product or service must be at least up to par.