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January 11-13, 2023 | Naples, Florida

Women of Wonder 2023

This is hands down the #1 conference for hearing health care practice owners in the country. You’ll hear from premier speakers from inside and outside the hearing healthcare profession. This popular event will enlighten, inspire and rejuvenate you. You’ll walk away with practical strategies on how to live your best life, both personally and professionally…

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Dr. Gyl Kasewurm

Dr. Gyl has owned and operated Professional Hearing Services in the small town of St. Joseph, Michigan for over 30 years. Her single office practice generates 10 times more revenue than the average practice thanks to her Double Your Profit growth strategy she pioneered in the late ‘90s. She’s the author of Dr. Gyl’s Guide to a Successful Hearing Care Practice, a sought after keynote speaker and an in-demand consultant who helps practice owners make more while working less.

  • Owner of America’s largest single office Audiology Practice
  • Doctorate from Central Michigan University
  • Author of Dr. Gyl’s Guide to a Successful Hearing Care Practice
  • Creator of the Double Your Profit Growth Strategy
  • The #1 Coach in the U.S. to Women Audiology Practice Owners

“Dr.Gyl creates inspiring agendas with speakers that give you the tools necessary to take your business to a whole new level. I’ve also made new friends and formed valuable relationships with amazing women in our industry. This is something not to be missed.”

Bari Grohler


“I have attended Dr. Gyl's trainings since they began and I keep going. Year after year, do I not only learn something new, but also come away inspired. So many of you know that running a business that you love can deplete your cup. Dr. Gyl's trainings always have great lessons on running the business, staff, etc, but it also fills your spirit and your cup so you are refreshed, renewed, and inspired.”

Dr. Lacey Brooks


“I am better because of Dr. Gyl and what she has poured into me year after year. The other amazing thing is the people you meet. I have made friends with some the most incredible women you will ever meet. I look forward to seeing them every year and learning and sharing what is working or not working in each of our practices.”



“Anything Dr. Gyl is doing is a must attend event. Dr. Gyl is the most successful private practice owner in the country, and the fact that she will willing to share all her knowledge with us, is an opportunity of a lifetime. I do not attend many events throughout the year, but I do not miss a Dr. Gyl event.”



“Last August I had the opportunity to have Dr. Gyl visit my office for a consultation. I knew I was doing a lot of the right things but needed some direction moving forward out of the pandemic. We reviewed my P and L’s, revenue and cost of goods, marketing dollars and payroll. She helped me see where I could cut costs and improve profitability. I have to say I was a little nervous before she came, because I thought she was going to give me the "white glove test" LOL ! It’s a little intimidating to lay out all your business doings, as we all know she is a very astute business lady! Spending time with her though was amazing! Her warmth and her real caring about how I was doing both personally and professionally was clear and evident. Not to leave out she is a hoot to hang out with! It was definitely worth my time and dollars spent! She left me with great ideas and confidence in what I was doing already! Can’t wait for the next Dr. Gyl conference!”

Christine Wilson, M.S., CCC-A


“Why do I enjoy attending Dr. Gyl's WOW summits? There are so many reasons!
The Guest Speakers: They are inspiring and uplifting as well as informative. The topics covered could range from how to build a better practice to learning how to achieve personal growth and goals.
Friends and Colleagues: We share ideas and encourage one another.
The Venue: Gyl always chooses exciting venues. She goes beyond to make attendees feel pampered and special.
When leaving the Summit, I experience a renewed sense of empowerment to be the best person and professional that I can be.”

Cheryl Ward


“Gyl is a truthteller and thoughtful guide for anyone wanting to dive deep in the nitty gritty of what it means to run a successful Audiology practice. There is "no fluff" when it comes to her coaching! She has lived it and she isn’t afraid to get into the trenches with you to help identify areas that are weighing down your rise to success and those that need to be accentuated to shape the business of your dreams. Gyl is a passionate voice of change and an ally for women everywhere, especially the unique issues that impact women in business. She is a fierce advocate and cheerleader on the often bumpy road of professional life!”

D'Anne Rudden