I have attended many conferences over the years and I think this one will be my all-time favorite. I was very inspired and uplifted by the speakers and was challenged by the personal testimonies.

Cheryl Ward

I highly recommend Dr. Gyl’s Courage Summit to anyone who is a part of the Audiology industry. I left so inspired and armed with important information as well as useful tools to put into practice that are already making my business, my team, and ME better!

Christy Farrar

The WOW Courage Summit is a refreshing and empowering validation of my life’s work. Not just in my field, but among my female peers I received confirmation that I chose the best career, and can always learn more about expanding my opportunities even further.

Cristen Culp

This was the best audiology conference I’ve ever been to. The admin team thought of every detail and I came away from the conference feeling reinvigorated to be a woman of wonder in all aspects of my life.

Dusty Jessen

It was one of the best meetings I’ve been to.

Jaimie Kaster

This is the second WOW Summit I’ve attended, and it was by far my favorite! What a joy to be surrounded by strong, confident women empowering other women!

Jennifer Gililland

This was the best meeting I have been to in a very long time.

Jill Bennett

I wish I would have been able to attend in person. It looked like SO much fun!! I’m thankful for everyone that shared their story and hope that one day I will be able to share my story to help inspire someone else.

Kelli Smith

At Dr. Gyl’s Courage Summit, I learned that courage is a choice every single day…for some, it is a roar and for others, it is a bit softer. At this meeting, every woman could share their voice, be inspired, and so much more!

Linda Daily

This was an outstanding event that covered a vast amount of powerful information. I like the eclectic mix of topics that were useful beyond the day-to-day working environment.

Rita Mansour

I found Dr. Gyl’s Courage Summit to be inspiring and encouraging. Getting to know other like-minded woman in the hearing profession and meeting my Facebook friends was the best!

Susan L Fenrich

Dr. Gyl’s Summit was very well organized. Excellent speakers on current topics for women professionals. It was uplifting with many added surprises. I met many wonderful women and received inspiration from speakers as well as attendees. If you were to only attend one conference this year, this one is a must. It was simply outstanding. Thank you Gyl!

Cheryl Ward