Another Successful Event Was Held by Dr Gyl in Beautiful Naples, FL

Group of women at Dr.Gyl's Women of Wonder retreat.

Dr. Gyl’s Retreat

Women of Wonder

DrGyl’s Unforgettable Retreat

Another successful event was held by Dr Gyl In beautiful Naples, FL.
More exciting events coming – Stay Tuned!

Dr Gyl with the Woman of Wonder sign.
Dr Gyl and a friend.
Events guests enjoying NAples, FL.
Guest of Dr Gyl's event.
Team photo of Dr Gyl's event.

“Why do I enjoy attending Dr. Gyl’s WOW summits?

There are so many reasons!

  • The Guest Speakers: They are inspiring and uplifting as well as informative. The topics covered could range from how to build a better practice to learning how to achieve personal growth and goals.
  • Friends and colleagues: We share ideas and encourage one another.
  • The Venue: Gyl always chooses exciting venues. She goes beyond to make attendees feel pampered and special.

When leaving the Summit, I experienced a renewed sense of empowerment to be the best person and professional that I can be.”

– Cheryl Ward