The Pricing Conundrum – Bundling, Unbundling, or Itemizing?

The debate over bundling versus unbundling in hearing aid pricing rages on. Although the unbundled method of pricing is seen in only a minority of practices, the issue has come front and center lately. Many believe that bundled pricing keeps the focus on the product itself instead of on the provider’s expertise.

“Our services, and our time have value associated with them,” said Ian Windmill, PhD, current President of AAA. “How are we showing patients that value?” I agree with Ian that in a bundled pricing structure, it is critical to show patients that the prices they are paying are not JUST for the hearing aids but rather include professional services but I am not convinced that unbundling is the way to go.  I have offered an unbundled pricing structure as an option in my practice and what I found is that the patients that had to pay for services did not come in as often, which is the most common opposition to the unbundled model of pricing.

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