4 Hurdles All Hearing Professionals Need to Get Over (Series): Settling for Mediocrity

I have never liked the word “fine”.  The connotations just don’t inspire anything positive within me.  “How was your food?” asked the waitress at a new restaurant we visited last night. “Oh! It was fine,” I replied.  Mediocre at best which means we won’t be returning there anytime soon. The thought of someone describing my practice as “fine” brings an overwhelming feeling of nausea.

I much prefer the word fabulous” and that’s what I shoot for in business and in life. I gazed out my window today at the sun glistening on Lake Michigan, a light breeze blowing through the trees, it was quiet and I had time to think and catch up on work – truly a fabulous day!

I love the movie Pretty Woman – not very realistic, but fun, and I remember Richard Gere asking Julie Roberts what she wanted out of life. “I want the fairytale,” she admits and I agree wholeheartedly! Why settle for Fine when Fabulous is just a short step away?  I’d rather have a few Wows in my life rather than a lifetime of Nothing Specials.

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