Is Your Business Out of Shape?

My business (and I) are out of shape! I’ve had the luxury of living three months in Florida and it’s been wonderful BUT… I have gotten a bit out of touch when it comes to business and my life. It’s not that I have spent the last three months just eating Oreos and watching reality TV but I wasn’t as focused on business as I typically am and it shows!

My business is 35 years old and we have a large staff and a HUGE payroll. While I know everyone works hard and is busy, I also know there are processes that are antiquated, procedures that are out of step with the times, employees duplicating efforts and too much time spent on the internet. I also haven’t spent enough time meeting with employees individually to set Very Specific Goals and Measureable Expectations. 

Well, not one to sit and just think about things that need to be changed, the business and I are going to Get in Shape.  The first step is reviewing job descriptions and analyzing how employees are spending their time in anticipation of adding an additional professional to the staff. We have made lots of changes in the last year but I have neglected to update the job descriptions to reflect the changes in responsibilities.  I will keep you updated along the way as to the changes we make.

The focus is going to be on Working Smarter and Not Longer, but I can’t do that if I don’t know how employees are spending their time. Once I have determined that, I will create new job descriptions with very specific expectations that can be measured easily and then setting new goals for the business.

Have you set new measurable goals for 2019?  If not, don’t wait. Start today by recording at least two goals that you want to achieve this year. They can be something as simple as “Increase gross revenue by 5% over 2018”; or “Gain one new referral source that refers at least two patients a month to the practice”; or perhaps “Hire a social media firm before June 1, 2019”. Said it before and I will say it again Goals Help Drive Business to a New Level of Success.

I am sending members of the Sapphire Society a sample job description for a Patient Care Coordinator. If you would like to receive monthly resources to help you run your practices, join my Sapphire Society. 

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Thanks for following and Have a Great Week!   If you are going to Columbus, stop into the Plural Publishing Booth on Wed from 6-7 for my Book Signing.

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