How’s Your Day?

I’ve attended several meetings recently and there is one common theme – people are worried about the future. There is so much chatter in the industry and fear that the legalization of OTCs will dramatically reduce the need for hearing healthcare services. Will OTCs replace us? Will hearing healthcare survive?

If you review history, you’ll find that in spite of a down economy or the threat of disruption in a marketplace, there are plenty of businesses that continue to thrive. So, why do some fail while others thrive?  I truly believe that it’s all about attitude (and knowing your numbers, of course).  Negative thinking has the power to destroy anything and everything so it’s crucial to guard against negativity and to focus on creating positive energy in your life.

One of my favorite books is Creating a Wealthy Spirit by Chellie Campbell. It’s not a new book but I begin every day by sorting through the dog eared pages for messages that inspire positivity.  I believe that we all have the power to control the outcomes in our lives.  If we believe it will be a good day, it’s a good day, but if we believe it will be a bad day, it usually is. The primary anxiety that hinders most people is the fear of failure. There is a constant battle in our minds between positive and negative, and the more negative things we focus on, the greater our chance of being controlled by negativity.

I have been told that I can take life way too seriously. My husband reminds me that I need to “chill out”.  When I am in one of my more intense moods, he tries to make me laugh.  Nothing brightens my mood more than watching a funny movie or going for a brisk walk and listening to my favorite tunes played very LOUD.

Life is short.  It is unbelievable how fast time flies and we need to spend more time doing the things we love to do. When is the last time YOU threw caution to the wind and had an amazing adventure? When did you take a day off just to do something FUN? What are you really passionate about? Passion is made up of many things, but its raw power comes from knowing what you love in life and then going out and living it!

We all need to do more of what makes us happy! For me that means more shoe shopping and more time enjoying family and friends and more travel adventures to unforgettable places around the world and less time on the internet!

While I am not going to hide my head in the sand about the obstacles we face in this profession, I am going to focus on being positive and continue to believe that there is room for professional hearing healthcare in spite of OTCs.

Let me ask again, “How is your day?” If you aren’t having a great day, then figure out why and do something about it and if you are having a great one, take a moment and just revel in it!

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