2 Day Hands-On Workshop

I’ve shared my Keys to Success in my blogs but I also like the opportunity to show firsthand how to take a practice from Fine to Fabulous and that’s how I came up with the idea to offer Dr Gyl’s Weekend to Learn More About Business and Yourself. This is no ordinary seminar.  I keep the groups small and intimate so participants can share secrets of their success and also learn from each other.  After the seminars, I continue to mentor attendees to help them take their practices to a million dollar level. These seminars are held near my practice in St. Joseph, Michigan ONLY twice a year.  The next seminar will be Oct 17&18 2019.


The top ten reasons you should attend one of Dr Gyl’s Meetings:

10. Network with other awesome colleagues.

I am looking for the Best of the Best for this seminar

9.  Discover strengths you never knew you had and how to maximize them.

We all have Fabulous within us but sometimes have difficulty finding it.

8. Learn how to implement KPIs to grow your business.

Business just doesn’t happen. You have to make it happen.

7. See first hand a multi million dollar practice in action.

The Seminar will be in St Joseph, Michigan. You will have the opportunity to see DrGyl’s practice and to chat with her staff.

6. Learn how to increase productivity.

As I have said many times, it doesn’t take much to take a business from Fine to Fabulous. You will take home specific ways to increase productivity.

5. Set your marketing course for 2019.

Take home a marketing calendar for the remainder of 2019 that you can implement on Monday morning.

4. Experience firsthand how the patient experience can be your benchmark for success.

PHS is known for its unique patient experience and now you can be a part of that environment.

3. Learn how to convince more patients to say “Yes” to amplification.

The Number One thing that can grow a business is getting more patients to accept amplification.

2. Walk away with tools you can put into practice on Monday morning.

Tools that will help you increase revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2019 (if you put the tools into action)

1.Have lots of fun!

Food & drinks are included. It will be an experience you will never forget.

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