Creating a BuZZ For Your Business

Remember the movie Field of Dreams? The resounding theme was “If you build it, they will come.”  Many of us embrace the same philosophy when it comes to marketing our businesses. I have news, “Don’t believe this stuff. It’s Not True.” If you built a brand new, fabulous Best Ever office and don’t tell someone about it, the business is likely to fail! If you advertise like crazy, maybe a few people will come and then it’s not a one time shot. You have to advertise over and over again.

In the world of marketing clutter that is our world today, consumers are bombarded 24/7 by literally thousands of messages from a multitude of channels and mediums every minute. No one has endless funds to spread their marketing message, so how do you make your message stand out? Breaking through the clutter doesn’t have to require a huge budget. Spreading the word about what makes your business unique can have a dramatic impact and go a long way towards creating a BuZZ that people will listen to.

I recall a visit to New York City several years ago when my friends and I rode 82 blocks on the subway at 11 o’clock at night in search of a confection that would satisfy our sweet cravings. When we arrived at the infamous Magnolia Bakery, it was obvious by the throngs of people lined up around the building that this must be a very special place. There was even a bouncer to control the crowd! As I perused the lively group I had to wonder, how can I create this kind of excitement about my business?

The first step to creating BuZZ about your business is to generate unique content that will grab some attention.

What does that mean in hearing healthcare? How about finding some unusual messages about the awesomeness of better hearing rather than promoting the same old ads about price and cosmetics.  Record a satisfied patient sharing a glowing testimonial on the positive changes in their life because of better hearing.

I once boxed up wind-up crab toys and sent them to my tested and not treated patients with a note that said, “Is your hearing loss making you crabby? Call PHS for an appointment.”  Very unsuccessful campaign as we didn’t schedule any new appointments, but I’m sure it got some people’s attention.

Regardless of what you do to create buzz about your business, DO SOMETHING!

The orthopedic surgeon I see in Florida offers a Wine, Knees, Hips and Cheese Happy Hour in his office every week.  The event features a short talk on hip replacements during a Happy Hour held at his office once a month.  Sure sounds more appealing than a Wellness Seminar held at a library (no offense to my staff).

What’s a unique way you could promote your practice?

Get a little crazy! Take a chance and see if it works. Make sure to track the return on your investment for every marketing effort and get rid of efforts that aren’t producing new patients. Don’t stay with old ideas that don’t work. Get a bit outrageous and try something NEW!   Never stop trying to create a campaign that will get a BuZZ going about your business.

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