Congratulations! You are officially registered for the Women Of Wonder Conference in Naples, Florida. You just made a great decision to invest in yourself and in the future success of your practice. Please read the rest of this page for important event related announcements – and how to redeem your free Strategy Call with Dr. Gyl.

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About this Event

This event is all about giving you the tools, mindset and connections you need to take your business to the next level. Successful business owners set aside time to work ON their business, not just IN it, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing over these three days.

You will discover better ways to lead your team, market your practice and increase profits. You’ll experience paradigm shifting ideas and have many “aha” moments that can completely change the trajectory of your life and business. You’ll not only be inspired, but also equipped to apply what you learn once you return home!

What to Expect

This isn’t a typical “sit and listen” type of business event. Instead you can expect to interact with your colleagues throughout your time together. So do everything you can to eliminate distractions while you’re here so you can be fully present.

One of our main goals of this event is to not just impart “great ideas” but to help you figure out practical ways to apply them in your business and life. The speakers will present powerful thought-provoking concepts. And then you will have plenty of time to unpack and process those ideas with your peers.

You can think of a WOW Conference as a series of mini-workshops that will give you valuable skills to help you grow personally and professionally. Yes there will be a lot of ideas, strategies and tactics presented…but the goal is to pick the one or two things that will be the most impactful for you and your business right now!

PLEASE NOTE: This is limited to only 10 people and the cost is $197.


As a courtesy for registering for this event Dr. Gyl is offering a free 30-minute Strategy Call to the first 30 people who register. As soon as we reach our limit we will remove this section (so if you’re reading this there’s still at least one more slot available).

On this Strategy Call you’ll meet one-on-one with Dr. Gyl to discuss your current situation, biggest challenges and greatest opportunities. On the call, she will recommend the next steps you need to take if you want to double your profit in the next 12-18 months. Dr. Gyl will also tell you the names of people to connect with at the event who she thinks will be important for you to talk to. If you want to get the most out of this event then make sure you book your call now.

Detailed Agenda

January 11

6:30pm:  Opening Reception

January 12

8:00am:  Breakfast

8:30am:  Welcome

8:45am:  Rise to the Top or Swim with the Sludge

  • Riding the Wave of Best Practices
  • Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Lindsey Jorgensen

10:00am:  How to Meditate

  • D’Anne Rudden

10:30am:  Break

11:00am:  Three Simple Tips for Financial Planning

  • Rita Mansour

11:30am:  Chat and Chew

  • Lunch and Product Update

12:30pm:  Walk Before Talks

1:00pm:  Panel - Getting Above the BS of Social Media and How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

  • Madison Levine
  • Ry Barney

2:00pm:  A History of Medicare and Audiology: Words Matter

  • Angela Loavenbruck

3:00pm:  Managing Emotional Energy

  • Lindsay Troxell

4:00pm:  Happy Hour

  • More discussion with Lindsay Troxell and other SiStars

4:45pm:  Wrap Up

6:30pm:  Bus leaves Hyatt House for Dance Party at Dr. Gyl’s

January 13

7:00am:  Yoga in the Courtyard

  • D’Anne Rudden

8:00am:  Breakfast

9:30am:  How to Work a Puzzle – Twenty Years of Pitfalls and Progress

  • Susan Sheehy
  • Jan Liles

10:30am:  Panel - Chatter from the Trenches

  • Nicole Kingham
  • Jocelyn Tubb
  • Joy Glen

11:30am:  Presentation from our Premier Sponsor

12:00pm:  Lunch and Sharing and Caring with other SiStars

1:30pm:  OTCs, 3rd Parties, and "How do we Deal with all this Disruption and Survive?"

  • Dr. Gyl
  • Other speakers

3:00pm:  Break

  • Angela Loavenbruck

3:30pm:  Using Your Points of POWER

  • Chrys Peterson

4:15pm:  Wrap Up

Hotel Info

This event will be hosted at the fabulous Hyatt House on 5th Avenue. The hotel is within walking distance to great restaurants and shopping in Naples. So no need to rent a car. All events will be held on location at the hotel (or transportation will be provided).

Airports/Flight Info

The closest airport is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW)